BreezeNET B range is a family of WIMAX point-to-point backhauling solutions, that operates in the 5.4 GHZ non-licensed band, providing secure and reliable connections between buildings in different locations, with and without line of sight up to 54 KM

BreezeNET B range is available in configurations of 10, 14, 35, 73 of UDP trhoughput, and it´s the ideal solution to replace leased lines

It provides ETHERNET and backhauling connectivity, being transparent to video, voice and data packets

main features

* OFDM technology with error correction, allowing the operation in near and non line of sight urban or suburban environments

* Adaptative modulation with automatic selection of the modulation scheme, in order to maximize data flow

* Spectral analysis of the working band with automatic channel hopping, in case that the used channel becomes too noisy
   because of radar activity

* Supported VLANS based on IEEE 802.1Q and VPN services

* Layer-2 traffic prioritization based on IEEE 802.1p, and layer-3 based on ToS, DSCP or UDP and/or TCP port ranges

* Simplified management based on SNMP standards and proprietary BreezeConfig tool, for remote configuration of 
   parameters and operation modes

* Secure encryption using AES, WEP or FIPS 197 ( licensed )

* VoIP and DRAP prioritization, allowing to allocate bandwith in order to ensure clear, uncut voice calls

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BreezeACCESS VL range is a family of point-to-multipoint solutions, up to 512
subscribers with 3, 6, and 32 Mbps bandwidth, of UDP trhoughput

It´s ALVARION´s most deployed solution around the world

Modular expansion providing solutions that grow up according the need
to enlarge the system with more subscribers

It allow backhauling connection between two points and subsequent multipoint
interconnection and "mesh" distribution

WIMAX connection within the system and WiFi compatible distribution of the signal

Main features

           All features described as for BreezeNET B range are applicable to BreezeACCESS VL range and more

* CIR ( Commited Information Rate ) and MIR ( Maximum Information Rate ) parameters, for uplink and downlink

* Fairness factor, to ensure equal access from subscriber units to access point, no matter how long the subscriber units
  are from access unit

* Internal traffic and signal-noise ratio counters, for optimal installation and configuration

* Specially tailored subscriber units for CCTV IP cameras, delivering more uplink than downlink streams

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Breeze Access VL
Breeze Access SUI
Breeze Access WI2
   CCTV and
traffic control
Shopping malls
  Municipalities and educational
Internet cafes
  CCTV and
public safety
Building to building connectivity up to 54 KM
Certified installer
Coverage range and UDP throughput of BreezeACCESS VL under FCC regulations
BreezeNET B datasheet
Breeze Access SDSL
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BreezeULTRA is the newest ALVARION´S high capacity, high versatility

range of products, covering scenarios from PtP building connectivity

for replacing leased lines, PtmP for utilities, mining, oil and gas

sectors, etc and hybrid backhaul to multipoint for WISP with up to 3

different sectors.


• Transmit voice, video and data at 300 Mbps per radio (gross) 1 and 2 radios versions

• Process small packets at 80,000 PPS

• Support non-line-of-sight coverage and mitigate interference with OFDM, MIMO, Diversity Techniques and DFS

• Optimize performance of voice, video and data using QoS

• Precisely meet bandwidth needs with fully flexible uplink/downlink

• Quickly add capacity by purchasing additional software licenses

• Point-to-point, point-tomultipoint or a hybrid backhaul-to-multipoint solutions (up to 450 cpe´s)

• Based on 802.11n (proprietary)

• Standards - 802.1p/Q, IEEE 802.3 CSMA/CD, 802.3at (PoE Out), SNMP v2, MIB II, WMM

• Reach up to 50 km /31 mi or 120 km / 75 mi with high-gain antenna

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WBSn is a family of advanced Gigabit outdoor Wi-Fi base stations operating in the 2.4 and
5.4 GHz unlicensed bands

WBSn base stations use true two-way spatially adaptive Beamforming together with 802.11n to
deliver extensive range and capacity, addressing the rapidly growing needs for operators to
deliver new content rich services, while maintaining a high quality of service and profitability

WBSn Highlights

•WBSn base stations are carrier grade IP-68, designed to provide a high standard for reliability,
quality of service, security and manageability

•WBSn base stations support 802.11n with three spatial data streams, for transmitting at speeds
of up to 450 Mbps, and maximum aggregated capacity of up to one Gbps per unit with the Enhanced
Omni base station

•The Beamforming and the HGDP antenna array increase coverage by up to 50%, and enable NLOS
connectivity and indoor signal penetration

•WBSn base stations comprising rich embedded networking capabilities, including Routing and a
fullyintegrated Access Controller, for flexible service planning and may reduce costs                                                                                 

  WBSn Technology

This is a carrier-grade class of Wi-Fi base stations that provides two-way Beamforming and
802.11n 3x3:3MIMO. Additionally, combined with Alvarion's interference mitigation algorithms,
WBSn offers optimal connectivity, extended range, increased capacity, indoor penetration and
uniform coverage under both Line-of-Sight (LOS) and Non-Line-of-Sight (NLOS) conditions

WBSn Family of Products

•WBSn 2400-S - Sector base station operating in the 2.4 GHz band
•WBSn 2400-O -    Omni base station operating in the 2.4 GHz band

•WBSn 2450-S - Sector base station operating in the 2.4 GHz and 5.4 GHz bands simultaneously
•WBSn 2450-O -             Omni base station operating in the 2.4 and 5.4 GHz band simultaneously

•WBSn 2450-OS - Omni base station in the 2.4 GHz with Sector in 5.4 GHz
•WBSn 2450-SO - Sector base station in the 2.4 GHz with Omni in 5.4 GHz

WavioNet - Wi-Fi Management Tools

WavioNet is an advanced SNMP based Network Management System (NMS) application for
Alvarion's Wi-Fi solutions and products. It allows service providers to manage and monitor
our Wi-Fi broadband wireless network solution - Base Stations, CPE's and point-to-point links

WCT - Wi-Fi Coverage Tool

The WCT allows you to test and validate the superior performance offered by Alvarion's WBS
and WBSn family of base stations by measuring the range and throughput at every location
throughout your coverage area

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