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A broad range of displays are available based on plasma technology, from the traditional models of 42", 50", 58" and 65"
till the newest, bigger plasma of the world with the impressive 103" diagonal

A professional range with unique features for professional applications
High levels of resolution, contrast and brightness, ensures a captivating and enriched detailed picture, also because the
1080p progressive high definition picture processing

Ideals for high luminosity environments, for diversified advertising applications, meeting rooms, auditoriums and in security environments - surveillance control centers, replacing with grater efficency the large amounts of traditional CRT monitors, allowing profitability gains, healthy enviroments for workers as well as better space arrangements

High definition models allow to display the best technically available pictures. All models have slots for modules insertion
with additional inputs, allowing all kind of connections, that are mandatory nowadays - HDMI - VIDEO - SVIDEO - RGB - VGA - DVI

Features like PiP or PaP, allow the use of a single machine as it is two displays, allowing each half of the display to be connected to a different equipment. Some examples: two DVD players or a DVD player and a PC

Their physical structures and technical features, allows that several plasma displays can be combined to build a single big screen or "VideoWall"

Touch panels can be added to the screens, allowing to write in them during a presentation, with a special pen

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A broad range of models to be used in work environments or for home cinema, allows a detailed choice for each particular situation

All models are based on DLP technology, allowing contrast ratios till 10.000:1, in top models

The five segment colour wheel allows the reproduction of vivid, bright, natural and precise pictures

Option of 16:9 or 4:3 viewing modes, silent operation and option of several types of connections and resolutions

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